Prophecy 2012


Where will you be in 2012

How old is the World? Are we in the end of days?

To answer this question we must first determine the age of the Earth, then
we must determine how long man has been here; which is not as difficult as it
may seem. Speaking in round figures it has been approximately 2011 years since
Jesus walked the Earth.

History tells us this, our current year being 2011 A.D. The (A.D. standing
for Anno Domini, a Latin phrase meaning “in the year of the Lord”) there has
been a huge amount of misconception concerning this.

Mark 10:6 Jesus stated: “from the beginning of creation, God made them male
and female.”

Genesis 1:26-31 explains that God chose the sixth day of the creation week
to form mankind from the dust of the ground.

Exodus 20:11 records “For in six days Jehovah made Heaven and Earth, the
sea and all that in them is, and rested on the seventh day”.

This information tells us the Earth is five days older Humanity.

We have established that it has been 2011 years since Jesus walked the
Earth. Next we must determine how many years came between Jesus Christ and
Abraham. History tells us this figure, which turns out to be approximately
2,000 years. These figures may be obtained from virtually any history book.

The final number we must determine is the number of years between Abraham
and Adam. We know from Genesis 1:1-5 that the Earth was created on day one. We
know from Paul’s statement in 1 Corinthians 15:45 that Adam was “the first
Man”. And we know from Genesis 1 that Adam was created on day six of the
creation week. Once we determine the number of years between Adam and Abraham
that would place us within five days of the beginning. The last thing we would
need to do is add all three figures together to calculate the approximate age
of the Earth.

The time from Adam to Abraham, the time from Abraham to Jesus, and the time
from Jesus to the present. The time from Abraham to Adam cannot be found in
secular history nor should we expect it to be, since the great flood of Noah’s
time would have destroyed most if not all records.

In chapter 3 of the book of Luke he lists 55 generations between Jesus and
Abraham, a time that archeology has determined to be approximately 2000 years.
In that same chapter Luke documents that there were only 20 generations between
Abraham and Adam. The question is; how much time is covered by those 20 generations?
Since Genesis 5 provides the ages of the fathers at the time of the births of
the sons in the period between Abraham and Adam, it is a simple matter to
calculate the approximate years during the time span, a figure that turns out
to about 2000 years.

The fact that the 55 generations between Jesus and Abraham cover 2000
years, while only 20 generations between Abraham and Adam cover the same time,
is explained on the basis of the vast ages of the Patriarchs (Methuselah who
lived 969 years-Genesis 5:27.)

The Bible plainly tells us after all the pieces have been placed together;
the Earth is only 6000 years old.

This is a direct contradiction to fossil records of the Dinosaurs. These
animals date back approximately 1 million years or more. There is no mention in
the Bible of these behemoths which surely would have affected or at the very
least played some role in the events of the time, and been worthy of mention.

The Earth is invariably much older than 6000 years old. I believe that
Jesus Christ walked the Earth, I believe in his message and I surely fear God.
Most Christians would find it a contradiction to believe in Christ yet question
Biblical history. It is not Jesus I question, it is man. Man has shown the
propensity to tell half-truths and falsify information to gain political,
financial and social status. Religious leaders have on more than one occasion
misled rather than lead. Man has manipulated the scripture to control the
populous. To have us fear something greater than ourselves. Through history man
has worshipped everything from the Sun, Moon, Animals live and manufactured,
Fowls and inanimate objects.

In 325 A.D. the Roman Emperor, Constantine to avoid civil unrest, convened
a meeting with the religious leaders of the time. This meeting became famous,
it is known as “The Council at Nicaea” The religious leaders were tasked by the
Emperor to agree upon a common religion, additionally they decided upon the
compilation of material that would be included in the Bible. In other words
they decided which books would actually be included in the Bible. Last but
certainly not least, they would decide upon the issue of the very (Divinity) of
Jesus Christ. Some would argue he was not divine, others would argue how could
the father be divine and the son not. The very fact that this matter was of
debate disturbs me. But I asked the question why would they debate the divinity
of the Son of God? Unless the accounts of his miracles were cast into question.
This is where I break with traditional Christians. I do not have to believe
Jesus was divine to believe his teachings. (I.e. love thy neighbor, not to lie,
cheat or steal.) What I do question is mans motivation and agenda as it
pertains to religion.

We need only to remember the ancient Greeks misuse of Religion and mans
willingness to serve. The Greeks employed a simple but effective technique of
the use of a beautiful sparsely dressed young woman in a drug induced state,
and of course controlled by the powers that were. (The Oracle at Delphi)
Unknowing participants would be urged to ask the “Oracle” questions; in turn
she would undoubtedly give the answers that benefited her benefactors.

I believe that it is possible that our history, humanity and the very Earth
itself is much more complex than the Biblical and secular historians or science
would have us believe.

If we could only agree to simply do the right thing, to love our neighbors,
not lie cheat or steal. If we could achieve this level of consciousness without
threat of retribution from the “Devil” or the fires of hell. If we can’t follow
the law of the land without the threat of incarceration, we are truly a morally
bankrupt society. We would have no chance of surviving an outside threat of
hostility from other worldly civilizations. Yes there are beings,
(extra-terrestrials) who inhabit the Earth. There is insurmountable evidence
that these beings have lived here for hundreds of thousands of years. Some
visit the Earth from distant planets, others perhaps solar systems or even
galaxies away. They do exist, the evidence both biological, theoretical and
written histories from ancient cultures around the World. Skeletal remains and DNA
testing of them tell us they are not of this World.

Our Government has known of and denied their existence since the early
1940’s. There is evidence that the Roosevelt Administration signed a treaty
with at least one race of extra-terrestrials reference (“The Greada Treaty of
1954”) in which our Government traded the right of aliens (The Grays) to
covertly abduct and experiment on American Citizens in return for technological
advancements. Later when the Government realized that the aliens were abducting
far more citizens than originally agreed, they requested and received a summit
with representatives of the “Grays” at which our Government voiced their

The “Grays” responded “What are you going to do about it” it was at this
time our Government realized they had made a deal with the devil. By this time
the administrations had changed and President Eisenhower was in office, and
reluctant to challenge them militarily due to their technological advantage.
They were probably wise for doing so, with that being said I personally would
have chosen to fight rather than be enslaved be it directly or indirectly.

There are other challenges we face in the near future, although the alien
threat is not to be taken lightly. They want the Earth for her raw material,
and are willing to take it by force if necessary. The problem is taking it by
force from 6 Billion people is a daunting task by any measure. They would have
to reduce the population to a manageable number. It has been theorized this has
been started by the introduction of different diseases. All it takes is for
more of us to die than are being born.

If you view a history of the World population, it has been at a steady
decline since 1994. I smell a Rat!

There is also the issue of the 2012 events which are formidable in their
own right. It is also a very credible threat from a scientific view. N.A.S.A
has confirmed there is a “Galactic” alignment due in 2012. This is the
phenomena of all the planets in our solar system come into complete alignment
with each other. This phenomenon only occurs approximately every 26,000 years.
We are already beginning to experience the affects some in very subtle based in
consciousness, others much more obvious and dramatic such as climate extremes
and disasters caused by weather extremes, in particular hurricanes and
typhoons, volcanic activity, earthquakes in areas that are not common. There is
the possibility of a Magnetic Pole Reversal. This is the phenomena by which the
Earth’s Polarity changes. The North and South poles literally rotate and change
places. Due to severe Change in the Earth’s magnetic field. Signs of this could
be Fowls and aquatic animals acting strangely (i.e. Whales, Dolphins beaching
themselves) having no sense of direction due to the change in the Earth’s
magnetic fields. Fowls flying into things, also due to a loss of direction. As
a result of the change in the Earth’s magnetic field.

This phenomenon is rare, occurring only 4 or 5 times in the last 10 million
years. When it does occur the Earth is changed in very short order, The
Northern hemisphere is literally shifted to the South and vice versa. The
Southern hemisphere is now Antarctica. Drastic climate changes occur and all
living things are affected. Humans and animals that were once in temperate
climates, suddenly find themselves in arctic conditions, the change occurring
so fast as to leave no time for preparation. Thus giving way to the possibility
of death due to exposure.

There is evidence that the Earth may be in the early stages of such an
event. We know that the Earth’s magnetic field was twice as strong in the time
of the Romans than it is now.

2012 is not a “Prophecy” and never has been a “Prophecy” it is rather a
prediction deeply based in fact, one that can be measured and indeed was
measured by the Mayans, and verified by past significant events in the Earth’s
history. The precedent is surely evident. We have to keep in mind that the Maya
were an extremely advanced race, and not ones given to fantasy or promulgations
of prophecies. Central to the Mayan culture was observation of the cosmos,
which in turn gave rise to their core philosophies and calendrical systems of
which remains one of the most accurate known to man.

The Bible tells us that Jesus said no man knows neither the time nor the
day that the end of the World will come. I personally do not believe that
December 21, 2012 will mark the day that catastrophic events suddenly unfold.
However I do believe that over a period of time, beginning very soon, that the
World will undergo major geological changes, occurring over a period of several
years which will change the World as we know it to be.

If I have offended anyone’s Religious beliefs, I sincerely apologize. This
was not my intent.

It has always been and remains to be my mission to discover the truth and
reveal the absolute truth and what it means to us. Knowledge is Power, only if
it is the right knowledge based on fact. I restrict myself to only write about
the factors I have researched and believe to be absolutely true, and inspired
from within.

Written By: Bo Ajala


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I am a person committed to truth of religion, the Origin of Man and all Government conspiracies including Alien existance, 2012, 911 etc. We the people have the right to know the truth..... View all posts by boajala

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