The Origin of Man – Part 2

The Origin of Man Part – 2

For the first time in its 2000 year history the Vatican released a
statement that “intelligent life could exist on other planets, and a belief in
extra-terrestrials did not contradict a belief in God”.  Is it possible that ancient Aliens visited
Earth in antiquity and were revered as Gods?

Drawings on cave walls and pyramid walls clearly give us a written and
pictorial documentation of “living Gods” coming down from the sky and bestowing
upon primitive man knowledge of all things great and small. We need only to
open our eyes and imagination, proof of this lies literally all around us
stretching from one end of the globe to the other.

In virtually every religion and mythology across the globe, the parallels
are similar, “someone descends from the sky and bestows knowledge and
understanding, our forefathers could not understand this, and believed that
they had to be “Gods”. I ask the question, is it possible that primitive man
was influenced by extra-terrestrials and not “Gods”? You ask where the proof

There is proof, it’s all around us, left by advanced Alien civilizations
for thousands of years. There is pictorial evidence on cave walls and tomb
walls in Egypt and around the world that depict strange beings descending from
the sky in strange flying machines. Literally thousands of pictorial and art
factual evidence and written accounts from our ancestors, most in great detail.

Visitors from the sky, thought to be “Gods”, this would be such a memorable
event that you would think our ancestors would have recorded it; perhaps there
is. The Bible itself tells of visitations from the sky, crafts arriving with
great noise, smoke and fire, as told in the book of Ezekiel.

Ezekiel tells of a visitation by heavenly beings, coming from the sky
aboard a fantastic flying machine, it sounds like a highly detailed account of
an alien craft. Ezekiel not only describes what he sees, but what he hears, he
describes it as immensely noisy. Joseph Blumrich, an engineer at NASA, after
reading the accounts of Ezekiel’s “flying machine”, designed the “Mariner Mars
landing craft” in March 1965 that subsequently was flown to and landed on Mars.

In addition as we look to biblical evidence for alien existence, we need
look no further than “Enoch” , who is a very interesting character, in that he
is only mentioned sparingly in the bible, but was by all accounts a very
pivotal character in biblical history. He himself gives us the first accounts
ever in the first person. An actual eye witness to many firsthand events. Yet
was not included in the bible, as were many other written records that were
excluded because they made reference to Gods descending from the sky in flying
machines etc. and was considered blasphemous. These books were only recently discovered
in 1948 along the shore of the Dead Sea in 11 caves, now known to the world as
“The Dead Sea Scrolls”. Among them were five testaments’ now known as the “book
of Enoch” as Enoch was Noah’s Great Grandfather, he wrote these accounts of
things he witnessed in the first person. He speaks of being taken away by “God”
into the sky for three hundred years, where he meets “the highest in the
region” whom he calls “God”, God tells his servants to teach this young man
”Enoch” our language, and teach him writing. Enoch calls and quotes all of his
teachers by name, he knows their professions, as “Baraqijal” taught astrology, “Araqiel”
the signs of the earth, “Kokabel” taught the constellations.

Archeologist struggle to explain why cultures around the world separated by
vast Oceans, somehow constructed similar structures without apparent knowledge
and independent of each other. There are literally hundreds of these structures
and they can be found in every corner of the world, both developed and

In Bolivia there is a ancient city “Tiahuanoco”, it defies modern dating
technology, it is believed to be over 17,000 years old. Literally the oldest
city in the world, the bible tells us according to its version, based on
Genesis’ 7 days of creation. The earth is 5 days older than humanity. The bible
plainly tells us after all the pieces are placed together; the earth is only
6000 years old. This is a direct contradiction to fossil records of the
Dinosaurs’ just to begin with. These animals date back over 1 million years or
more, according to the bibles version of the actual age of the earth, the
Dinosaurs’ would have to have been on earth within the past 6000 years, if this
were so, surely these animals would have been worthy of mention and played some
role in the events of the time.

As we continue to explore the ancient wonders of the world that may have
been influenced by ancient aliens, we have to look seriously at the Great
Pyramids at Giza. Author and theologian Joseph Seis in 1877 demonstrated that
the pyramid at Giza coincided exactly at the longest line of latitude and
longitude, placing it at the exact center of all land mass in the entire world,
also each of its four sides aligns almost precisely with the four points of the
compass, although such an instrument was not invented until thousands of years

Another site in the highlands of Bolivia “Pumapunku” is 4000 feet above sea
level, where almost nothing grows, lays a field of stone ruins. The engineering
feat at “Pumapunku” when compared to the Great Pyramid at Giza, while
impressive, are considered child’s play to the sheer engineering magnitude to
that of “Pumapunku”. The blocks of stone weighing in excess of hundreds of
tones each, are so finely cut that they perfectly interlock like the pieces of
a puzzle.

Another example would be the Temple at Baalbek Lebanon, This megalithic
structure consists of stone blocks over 90 meters long and 60 meters wide and
weighing in excess of 800 tones, we don’t have a crane in the world today that
could lift them. They are cut so precisely that when placed together, a
razorblade cannot be placed between the stones.

These are just an example of a few of the many clues that were left behind
that prove beyond a shadow of any doubt that Humanity was preceded by advanced
civilizations on earth and was more than likely influenced and perhaps continue
to be influenced by the same. We must open our eyes and imaginations to the
possibilities, to all possibilities if we are to survive and prosper and
perhaps eventually fit into a galactic society.

Written By: Bo Ajala


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