The Origin of Man


       The age old search for the
answer to the question of man’s origin is becoming ever clearer. Scientist
working on the “Human Genome Project” is beginning to reveal the DNA code and investigate
the implications of their ever expanding knowledge of the human genome.

The proverbial missing link may have been found through information
contained in a form of time capsule involving ancient Sumerian clay tablets
outlining the origins of man. Finally through the haze of lies, distortions,
and half-truths invented and reinforced for centuries, are beginning to discern
truthful answers to mankind’s age oldest questions.

For many the truth is as shocking and terrifying as it is unacceptable to the
vast majority of us with a vested religious interest. The antagonism arising to
those answers from a vast spectrum of devotees to various faiths is predictably
proportionate to the ramifications they carry for the world. The avalanche of
information on these topics is so vast and being revealed with such alacrity
that mankind cannot ignore the facts and scientific basis on which those facts
link the ancient world to the present.

Charles Darwin the father of the “theory of evolution” proposed and
provided scientific evidence to the effect that all species of life have
evolved over time from common ancestors by virtue of a systemic process which
he explains his theory of natural selection involving sexual choice and the
survival of the fittest. By the 1930’s his theories had become generally
accepted although it was at a total variance with biblical teachings of the

There was one major problem for which he himself was disarmingly candid
during his life and in his writings. Curiously, Darwin could trace the
evolutionary process of animal to man up to a point, but confessed that in the
jump from Homo-Erectus (extinct species of human lineage) to Cro-Magnon man
(modern man). There prevailed a conspicuous gap for which he could not in all
honesty, account for, so glaringly obvious and disparagingly blatant that it
became derisively dismissed by his critics as the “missing link” Darwin were he
alive today would be thrilled to learn that his missing link is being gradually
exposed and explained to modern scientist and historians.

Almost one hundred years later, beginning in 1990, an American scientist by
the name of Dr. J. Craig Venter was instrumental for a Government funded
project called the “Human Genome Project”. DNA research had previously been
done by two scientist, Dr’s Francis Crick and James Watson from Cambridge
University, we understood only 3 percent of our DNA and dismissed the remaining
97 percent as “junk DNA”. But the junk DNA is now being unlocked and although
much of the research appears to be highly classified, some of the information
is leaking out.

The findings are likely to prove earth shattering. Dr. J. Craig Venter has
been one of the pioneering researchers in revealing the DNA code. He is now a
World famous American biologist and millionaire businessman running the
“Institute for genomic Research”. He was a leading member of the team which
proved instrumental in mapping the human genome. Effectively, Dr. Venter and
his colleagues on the HGP are unlocking the 97 percent of our DNA previously
termed as junk DNA.

Researchers are now convinced this 97 percent comprises non-coding
sequences in human DNA, untraced in other life forms on the planet and
emanating from off planet or extra-terrestrial life forms.

In other words the overwhelming majority of human DNA is off-World in
origin, passed from generation to generation. The implication is that humanity
constitutes a contrived hybrid species certainly, involving traceable
terrestrial DNA and a supreme injection of off-planet DNA.

Is there the remotest historical and geological evidence emerging at this
point in time to justify such an assertion? The astounding answer is yes and it
is emerging at the same time as the HGP findings. Dr. Zechariah Sitchin, a
Jewish student of ancient Sumerian born in Russia, brought up in Palestine and
educated in England is translating the cuneiform hieroglyphs in some 20,000
Sumerian clay tablets 6000 years old. Four hundred of these elaborate tablets
were found at Sippar neatly stored on shelves in a 9 foot by 6 foot room
comprising a peculiar type time capsule in Southern Iraq, where Samaria, the
first recorded human civilization was founded, located between the Tigris and
Euphrates rivers. This Culture seemed to have emerged from nowhere, flourished
and then vanished as oddly as it appeared. Its influence stretched from the
Indus valley to the Nile delta. In 2400 B.C. it was invaded from the northwest
by Semitic tribes and by about 2350 B.C. was under the iron fist of Sargon the
Great, founder of the Semite Acadian dynasty whose rule gave way to Hammurabi
of Babylon, founder of the famous code of laws bearing his name.

At about this time the Santorini off Greece “exploded”, the first forms of
the ancient Egyptian civilization manifested along the Nile, the inhabitants of
Easter Island disappeared and the Mayan civilization began to emerge. The
crucial question must be asked as to whether there is evidence that these
events are linked and if so, in what capacity. The Sumerian tablets seem to
have the answers. In the first instance the tablets reflect an intimate working
knowledge of space involving the completion of a 29,950 year Zodiacal cycle
which is only now being confirmed by the Hubble telescope. In the second
instance, the tablets maintain that everything the Sumerians achieved they
obtained from their gods, and that these gods were a galactically traveling
race who landed on earth to mine gold in order to salvage their own planet,
from the same solar radiation currently threatening our earth, Nibiru, called
by some the “12th” planet, apparently orbits our Sun in a 3600 year
vast elliptical track swinging way out of our solar system and then back in
again, its proximity causing mayhem with the conventional closer planets
including our own.

The author, Neel Freer, is of the opinion that in light of the evidence
already obtained through the use of Pioneer 10 and 11 and two Voyager space
craft, the Infrared Imaging Satellite (IRAS, ’83-84) and the data available to
Dr. Robert S. Harrington and T.C. van Flanderen of the U.S. Navel Observatory
when consulting with Sitchin, that Nibiru has been observed and identified.

The residents of Nibiru referred to in the Sumerian text as the “Anunnaki”.

The Sumerian text tells us that some time after arriving on earth The
Anunnaki began to consider producing a slave species by combining earthly DNA
with their own with the intention of inventing a sub-Anunnaki slave laborer
caste to mine the earth’s gold for its use as an atmospheric protecting screen
(much like the Rolls Royce use a small filament of gold on the windscreens of
their luxury cars for a similar radiation and heat conduction purpose) on

According to the tablets much of the mining was conducted in the “Abzu”
region, in contemporary east and central Africa, part of it along the great
Zambezi River which possibly explains the mysterious Great Zimbabwe ruins. The
gold was then transported to the Sinai rocket base and thence to Nibiru. The
great Pyramids of Egypt equipped with crystals and coated marble served as
landing beacons for the incoming space craft.

Sumerian Tablet depicting Anunnaki aircraft         The Great Pyramids built as landing

The Sumerian Tablets are astoundingly detailed, revealing dates, names,
places etc… and remarkably explicit. The two main players in E-den (the primary
area of early Anunnaki settlement, near where Iraq’s modern day Basra is today)
are identified as one Enlil and his brother Enki, the former being the
Commander of the expedition to Earth and the latter his executive officer and
science engineer. Ninharsag was the chief medical officer turned genetic
scientist who, after many ghastly failures, successfully cloned earthly ape man
DNA with Anunaki DNA (The World’s first case of “In vitro-fertilization”)  to create modern Adamu (as quoted in the
tablets) man. Modern man was not given the DNA material to sustain life equal
to the Anunnaki for they lived extremely long lives. Also man had a
substantially smaller torso and a genetically coded memory lapse.

Initially he could not reproduce and Anunnaki Women served as surrogate
mothers for these “test tube babies”. Eventually it was decided to allow Adamu
to procreate (the apple of life) and so Tiamat (meaning Mama-referring to her
role of motherhood) his mate was created by Ninki, one of the surrogate
mothers, a princess called Domkina on Nibiru and the wife of Enki. Initially
the earthly sub clones could not mate as they only had 22 chromosomes without
the X and Y sex chromosomes. A young scientist by the name Ningishzidda
performed a potentially dangerous surgical procedure involving extracting the
sex chromosomes from Enki and his beautiful half sister, Ninmah, (like two
intertwined serpents Ningishzidda the essence separated…arranged like 2
branches on the tree of life were the essence…) implanting the reproductive
chromosomes within the rib cages of Tiamat (man’s wife) and Adamu (man).
Henceforward humans had 23 chromosomes, not 22 and were free to roam E-den. It
is this encrypted DNA code which the likes Dr. Venter (scientist with the human
genome project) and his colleagues appear to be finally revealing.

Anunnaki tablet
depicting the (Tree of Life)

 Shown top left is the Anunnaki patron
of Medicine (the intertwined serpents,) the symbol of Intertwined serpents is
still used to this day to represent modern medicine. Top right- DNA symbol,
(notice the similarity to the intertwined serpents)

Closer view of Anunnaki Patron of medicine.              Above right showing (2) of the 20,000
Sumerian tablets

Sumerian Tablet accurately depicting our solar system with
12 planets

6,000 years ago. (Until the invention of the telescope in
the 1600’s Astrologist were only

Aware of 4 planets in our solar system). T he Ancient
Sumerians could not have seen them with the

Naked eye. They had to have been taught this knowledge by
their “Gods”.

The ensuing saga of the Anunnaki during their earthly exploits is littered
with a grotesque record of infighting, murder, treachery, war and backstabbing
combined with inter-racial coupling with “the attractive daughters of men”,
thereby donating towards the creation of a earthly aristocratic and royal

The record recounts efforts to obliterate mankind (the great flood aka the
deluge) at the behest of Enlil who became to loathe humanity, a recalcitrant
and embittered son of Enki (Marduk + Aman -Ra) names by which the Egyptians and
the Mayans would later call him. His power hungry and vast territorial
depredations led him to occupy the space platform in the Sinai against the stern
advice of his father, Enki and eventually culminated in a form of devastating
nuclear and biological warfare directed at him and his earthly acolytes.

Scientist have unearthed an ancient city where evidence shows an atomic
blast dating back thousands of years, from 8,000 – 12,000 years, destroyed
buildings and perhaps a half-million people. The site maintains high levels of
radiation to this day.

He sought sanctuary in the Nile space beacon and weapon, which we know
today as the Great Pyramids of Giza, and the awesome unleashed during the
conflict resulted in a terrible radioactive and viral contamination of a vast
tract of the present Middle East, turning fertile land into desolate

Consequently, the Anunnaki moved to the landing grounds in present South
America demarcated by the famous Peruvian Nasca Patterns only visible from the
air, where they continued to mine  their
gold with renewed vigor while their home planet gradually began to shift beyond
their ability to return home, even using their advanced technology.

landing Zone (Nazca Peru)

The up side to all of this was that about 6,000 years ago a decision was
made by Anu, the all leader of Nibiru while on a visit to earth to abandon the
earthlings to their fate, but leave behind knowledge of the secrets of the
Universe, science and life. They themselves were busy organizing an en masse
exodus to Nibiru before its orbit carried it well beyond the capacity of their
technology to make the inter-planetary trip back home.

It would seem according to the tablets that they departed with mixed
feelings because they themselves suffered aging problems on Earth which were
unprecedented on Nibiru and their sojourn here had not been a happy one giving
rise to fratricidal struggle and nuclear conflict. Pyramidal landing platforms
were built in Central America, India and the Near East.

To attract them back again sacrifices were made to induce them to return,
including wholesale murder of attractive daughters of men, all this proved to be
to no avail. The “Gods” did not return.

Mankind gradually settled down to develop its own philosophies, religions
and life styles based on the legacy of the Anunnaki creator ‘Gods”, and sadly
to emulate its fondness for bloodshed and conflict riddled happiness.

All emerging evidence points to the fact that the great religions were
established as critical and manipulative instruments of social control by
various Anunnaki “Gods” if not as outright tools of oppression by voracious and
power hungry priests exploiting a subtle and insidious combination of fear and
faith to their own practical, financial and political advantage and to the
terrible detriment of mankind’s progressive enlightenment and advancement.

Modern science is now confirming ancient revelations. We are now privileged
to have a glimpse of who we really are, where we actually come from. To have a
history with answers to our questions.

Take this information and multiply your knowledge with your own research
and investigation.

6,000 year old Sumerian tablet depiction of Enlil being sent to Earth by

(Notice he is depicted in a space craft)

What we are being taught as to the origin of Man is not supported by the

 Geologist- Virginia McIntyre in
1966, found artifacts in Mexico that have been tested with the latest
technology and is estimated to be approximately 250,000 years old.

In 1850 under Table Mountain, skeletal remains were found that could date
back 1million years.

Mans foot prints have been found next to Dinosaurs preserved in lime stone,
estimated to be in excess of 1million years.

In 1976 a Japanese fishing boat after bringing in their nets discovered the
remains of a Plesiosaur, believed to be extinct for millions of years.

In 1993 an independent Egyptologist shocked the World when he wrote that
his geological evidence would prove that the Sphinx was over 12000 years old. (This
pre-dates man.)

In 1973 the Voyager space satellite was launched into space with a Golden
phonograph record, with recorded messages detailing human life. A portion of
the message was done in the Ancient Sumerian language.

How could a centuries old map contain details of a land mass that has only
recently been discovered? In 1929 found in a library in Constantinople
(contemporary Istanbul, Turkey) a map was found, drawn in 1513 by a Turkish

The strange thing about this map is, it shows features of the Earth that no
one in 1513 should have been able to know. Before the 18th century Mariners
ran the risk of crashing their ships on rocky coastlines because they lacked
the ability to calculate longitude. For that you need an extremely accurate
clock. It wasn’t until 1790 that the first accurate Marine time piece was
invented, and mariners could pin point their position on the Seas.

Yet 250 years before this clock was made, Admiral Reese had drawn a map of
the coastline of Africa & South America within a half a degree of
longitude. As Admiral Reese told us that knowledge was not his knowledge. It
was knowledge he borrowed and copied from earlier maps. He stated on the map
that it was based on more than 20 source maps. Some of these maps date back to
Alexander the Great, and even earlier. In other words before the time of
Christ. So the mystery is, where did these maps come from? Who charted the
globe long ages ago with an accuracy that we ourselves can hardly match today.
This map also shows Antarctica before it was covered by ice millions of years

We didn’t know what Antarctica looked like beneath the miles of ice until
1958 using ground penetrating radar. Whoever drew these maps had a level of
technology at least equal to our own, only they had it thousands of years prior
to our own. These maps show the entire globe from East to West. North to South,
these maps had to have been charted from space. These maps had to have been
charted by an advanced civilization in remote pre-history. Geologists believe
Antarctica has been under ice for more than 2 million years.

In ancient Israel lived a man called the “Good Sheppard” he was killed by
the Romans and he rose in three days. But he’s not Jesus!

Cutting edge archeology has revealed that the apocalyptic template for a
dying and rising Messiah may have originated with a man called “Simon of Perea.”
Shockingly an ancient stone tablet called the “Gabriel Stone” has emerged from
the Jordanian antiquities market, seems to suggest that there was a dying and
rising Messiah before Jesus.

I was born into a Christian household, taught to fear God and not to
question his word (the Bible). Privately I have always had questions, some
things just didn’t add up. Although I hold on to my belief in Jesus’ teachings and
my basic faith in God, I don’t believe that MAN has been completely truthful
concerning our history and most importantly
our true origin,

“The Origin of Man.”

By: Bo Ajala


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