What if Everything We have been Told is a Lie

“What If Everything we have been Told is a Lie”
Let me begin by saying I have had questions all of my life concerning what we as Christians have been taught about our creation. “The Very Creation of Mankind.” We are taught as Christians the Bible’s version of creation, and then there is The “Torah” (Hebrew Bible) version. There is also the “Koran.” These three Religions dominate World perception. They tell a very similar story with a few variations.
Virtually every Civilization on Earth, the Egyptians, Romans, Greeks, Mayans, Hindu. Ancient Tribes in Peru, African Tribes and all of the Native American Tribes, The Chinese and other ancient cultures from all over the World tell a very different story of Creation. There is one thing they all have in common, from the dominate three Religions to the afore mentioned cultures from around the World. They all closely resemble a version from the ancient Sumerians.
Sumerian Civilization existed more than 6,000 years ago. They gave us more than 100 of the World’s first. They are the oldest Civilization known to Man. They gave us the first language, the first written text.
They recorded their history on clay tablets (Sumerian Text) in a form of writing called “Cuneiform” a system which consisted of over 400 characters. In their original form, unchanged from 4500 years ago. These Clay Tablets were found by Archeologist more than 60 years ago, not understanding their significance placed in storage in Paris and Berlin Museums until one of only a handful of people in the World who had studied and could actually read the ancient Sumerian text, renowned Linguist ”Zechariah Sitchin” began to translate the ancient text. Sitchins translations would shake the very foundation of the Worlds Dominate Religions. Sitchins findings would directly question the very Origin of Mankind.
The ancient Sumerians lived in (Mesopotamia) which today is modern day “Iraq.” The Sumerian Tablets are 4500 years old. The Torah (Hebrew Bible) of which the American version is comprised is by comparison 3,313 years old. This makes the Sumerian Text, 1,187 years older. The Sumerian Text predates the Bible by nearly 1.200 years.
In the Sumerian version of creation they tell of their living Gods who lived among them here on Earth. They called them “The Anunnaki” which translates to “To Earth from which the Heavens come.” They tell of how their living Gods came to Earth from their planet, a distant planet in our Solar system called “Nibiru” translates to “Planet of the Crossing” which was depicted as a cross, named because of its elliptical orbit. Nibiru, located between Neptune and Pluto orbits the Sun in a clockwise rotation as opposed to the Earth’s rotation of the Sun in a counter clockwise orbit. Nibiru’s complete rotation around the Sun lasts 3600 years. One year to the Anunnaki equals 3600 years for Earth.
The Anunnaki called Earth “The Seventh Planet” because if you were coming from Nibiru located between Neptune and Pluto, Earth would be seven planets away when you count from the outside of our solar system. We consider Earth the third planet from the Sun because we count from the inside of our solar system.
The Sumerians tell of the Anunnaki’s presence on Earth for over 450,000 years. They came to mine the Earths precious resources. At some point during this process the Anunnaki laborers revolted, stating the work was hard and they had enough. Their leader “Anu” responded by telling them he would take their grievance to their twelve council members on Nibiru. After their consultation it was decided that Anu was given permission to create a species of slave workers. The Sumerians tell of how their living God Anu had been observing a fairly peaceful species that he thought with some modifications would serve their purpose. Anu had been observing a hominid which was bi-pedal and walked upright, but didn’t quite have the intelligence required for their purpose. We refer to this hominid as (Homoerectus) The Sumerians tell of how Anu by mixing the “Double Helix DNA” of themselves with that of Homoerectus, a Human hybrid was created with more intelligence. The Sumerians tell of how their living Gods taught them Language and written Text, Agriculture, Mathematics, Science and Medicine, Astrology and Astronomy.
The Sumerians were the first to denote 360 degrees in a circle, they gave us the Calendar. They were the first to build Cities based on a grid system; they gave us systems of irrigation, tools such as plows, sickles and spades. Public institutions such as Temples and systems of Government, Courts and systems of Law. The Zodiac of which we still use today. The Sumerians had a very accurate knowledge of Algebra and Geometry. They could do very complex mathematical equations. They had mastered Geometrical shapes that are difficult for us to duplicate to this day. They used a hexadecimal system with a base of sixty. The hexadecimal system is used to this day as a form of Computer language.
The Sumerians gave us more than 100 of the world’s first yet they are rarely spoken of, largely forgotten in history. They were more influential than the Egyptians, Greeks or Romans. Simply the most influential culture in History.
Also included in the Sumerian text is an accurate depiction of our Solar system, showing twelve planets revolving around the Sun. Their depiction shows Neptune, which was not discovered until 1846, Pluto which modern scientist didn’t discover until the 1930’s. And Eris discovered in 2003. They spoke of rings around Saturn. Maps of water on Asteroids, Comets, also water on planets such as Neptune, Uranus, Venus, Saturn and Jupiter. These were not visible to the naked eye 4500 years ago. The Telescope was not invented until Galileo’s in the 16 century.
Our modern Scientist recently confirmed water where the Sumerians wrote about 4500 years ago. They also depicted charts that show routes through our Solar system. Maps feature accurate Geographical details of the entire Earth, details that could only have been charted from Space.

The Anunnaki called their slave workers the “Adamu” and where they lived, the “E-Den.” Their planet Nibiru was called “Planet of the Crossing” and was depicted by a “Cross.” They spoke of the Deluge (the flood) being caused by Nibiru’s huge gravitational pull on the Earth during a crossing. (Nibiru is approximately four times the size of the Earth) causing the ice sheet in Antarctica to fall into the South Sea and it’s ice particles that were vaulted high into the atmosphere, as they began to descend melted which turned to rain for 40 days and nights. The Sumerians tell of Anu their living God instructing one of his servants to construct a boat for him and his family and to collect the essence (DNA) of each animal and fowl to be repopulated after the deluge. The Sumerians speak of how the Gods and Sons of the Gods found the Human Women extremely attractive and mated with them regularly and from these were born the offspring who were very tall (Giants) seven to nine feet tall and possibly taller, possessed more than average human strength.
The Sumerians understood their role as servants to their living Gods. They had no illusion why they were created or existed.
The similarities between the Sumerian version of creation and that of the Torah, Bible and Koran are indisputable. Only the Sumerian version was written 1187 years before them all. Thus their version had to have been borrowed from the Sumerian version.
Modern Man has long searched for the preverbal missing link, referring to the radical literally over night advancement in Anthropological terms of Human evolution from Homoerectus to Cro-Magnon Man.
Based on our Mitochondrial DNA which is in the range of 150,000 to 200,000 years old, we could not have evolved from creatures walking upright 4 million years ago. That places a huge wrench in the establishment’s theory of Evolution.
The Human genome looks very much like a Homoerectus genome except the second and third chromosomes are fused into one. So what does this solve? It gives you all the chromosomal material of the primate but it’s now only taking up the space in the combining process of 46. It is 46 chromosomes with the 48 chromosomes of genetic material. How could nature fuse the two chromosomes together in any length of time! It wouldn’t happen, it couldn’t happen. That was done!
In 2006 Scientist discovered a gene now known as “HAR1” this gene sets Humans apart from any other creature on Earth. It gives us our intelligence. Scientist have also said that the time needed to evolve from Homoerectus to Cro-Magnon Man was not enough to assemble the Human DNA molecule. It had to have been manufactured.
I believe the writing of the ancient Sumerians some 4500 years ago gives us many more answers to questions of our origin and explanation to many of Man’s oldest questions. It gives us the most plausible explanation of not only the origin of Mankind but also how our Solar system was formed, and many more.
I have only scratched the very surface of this subject. Please read and research for yourself. I challenge you to think independently of the established school of thought. I challenge you not to just follow what we have always been taught like Sheep. For Sheep eventually get led to slaughter.
For the Record let me say that I believe in Jesus Christ. I believe he lived and died, and the basic message he taught of loving thy neighbor and not to lie, cheat or steal. In short live our lives as Christians should. Where I break with the mainstream Religion is that I understand that over time, Man has manipulated the scripture to benefit himself. (Example) The council at Nicaea in 325 A.D. at the time Constantine ruled Rome. To keep the Country from descending into Civil War and complete chaos, Constantine convened the most powerful Religious leaders of the time, to agree on the very basis of the Christian Religion, to include but not limited to which books would be included into the Bible and which books would not. They had long discussion on the very Divinity of Jesus Christ, was he divine and if so how if the Father be greater than the Son. They decided on which dates we would celebrate Christmas, Easter etc. And even concerning the New Testament there were more than 80 gospels that were considered yet only 27 were chosen. In short these few Men decided more than 3,000 years ago what information (Gospels) we as Christians should and should not be privy too. Some Gospels were dismissed because some thought there was more than one God, some because they spoke openly of “The Gods that came from the sky” and flew around in strange machines. They described them as best they could using words they were familiar with.
In summation I maintain my Love and reverence for the Almighty God and his Son Jesus Christ. I also believe there is more to the story than what we have been led to believe. I believe it is possible for there to be more than the three dimensions that we live. We are three dimensional beings; this is how we see the world in three dimensions.
I would also urge you to research the 2012 phenomenon, familiarize yourself with words such as “Solar flares, Magnetic Polar Shifting, Polarity, and many others that may affect our lives and the lives of our loved ones. Our Son changes its Magnetic Polarity approximately every 11 years. NASA’s own website will confirm that late in 2012 the Sun is due to begin this cycle; the problem is the Earth is also on schedule to change its Polarity. In addition to a “Galactic Alignment.”
Explaining this phenomenon as best I can (A polar shift is when the Magnetic field changes, sometimes very little by perhaps only a degree or so and we never feel it.) But there are occasions like 780,0000 years ago when there was a complete pole reversal ( when the north pole shifts and becomes the south pole) The significance of all of this is the likely hood of some type of catastrophic event happening is very credible.
Our own United States Government has been preparing for the possibility of this for some twenty years; they have constructed some 350 deep underground structures to protect Members of “New World Order” and the affluent and privileged. You probably haven’t received you invitation yet, don’t hold your breath. But you do owe it to yourself and your loved ones to research the subjects I have brought to your attention, our families depend on us to protect them. Also research “Greada Treaty 1954” and “U.S. Government conspiracy 2012”
I have brought a wide range of subjects to your attention, I challenge you to research them for yourselves, and they all tie in together. It is too broad for me to cover.
I challenge you to think independently and ask the question
“What if everything we have been told is a Lie”


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