Great Britain a Hebrew Covenant

Great Britain a Hebrew Covenant

A little known fact outside of Archaeological circles is becoming ever more

There is no Archaeological evidence that Hebrews lived as slaves in Egypt,
or that there was an exodus out of Egypt or that Moses led them out.

Not one shred of Archaeological evidence of millions of Jews wandering the
desert for forty years, surely there would be pottery or tools or some kind of
evidence left behind. Nor is there evidence of the Bibles main cast of Hebrew

Abraham, Joseph, Jacob, Moses, Solomon or David

There is however plenty of evidence of the
Egyptian Pharaoh’s who these biblical characters are based on.

The bibles Old Testament has carefully covered up
the connections between the Egyptian Pharaoh’s and Hebrew Patriarchs by mixing
up historical facts with myth and legends.

Modern Archaeologist have confirmed that the
Hebrews were not a race of people like once thought, they were a Semitic and
Asiatic class of foreign workers who migrated into Egypt from neighboring lands
in search of work as craftsman and builders, as their population grew over
hundreds of years they intermarried with the Egyptians and gradually rose to
positions of influence and wealth in Egypt.

Abram married his sister Sari; at Gods command angry
at the incestuous relationship he ordered them to change their names to Abraham
and Sarah. They then went to Egypt, where Abraham turned his Sister/Wife over
to the Pharaoh as a sex slave and was rewarded with gold and silver.

In 1818 Antonio Lebolo made a revolutionary
discovery that identified Abraham as an Egyptian Pharaoh during excavation in
the Valley of the Kings; he exhumed eleven Egyptian mummies along with rolls of
papyrus inscribed with hieroglyphic writings and drawings. One of the drawings
depicted Abraham sitting on the Pharaoh’s throne. Abrahams name was also
deciphered on a roll of papyrus. Joseph Smith published his controversial
findings in the “Book of Abraham” in 1842 and was murdered two years later. Today
the only Egyptian Tomb forbidden to the public is the tomb of Amenemhet 1 who
many researchers now believe is the biblical Abraham. The Pharaoh Amenemhet
worshiped Amen, the question then becomes is God and Amen the same. In the
Egyptian version, Amen also turned a river into blood.

There is ever increasing evidence that Pharaoh
Tutmoses 111 was actually Moses. Pharaoh Tsusennes was actually King David.

Why would the Hebrew authors of the Bible hide
the fact that the biblical characters were really Pharaohs? Bible and Egyptian
scholars concluded that the Jews had to hide their identity the same way Joseph
did and change their names if they were to retain power and rule Egypt. And
their lineage has continued to rule until this day.

Hebrew authors covered this up to hide the fact
that Hebrews and Egyptians shared the same royal bloodline. After the Egyptians
forced the Hebrew Hicksos out of Egypt the only way they could continue to rule
was to hide their identity from the Egyptian people and the Hebrews.

They continued to rule secretly and intermarried
with Egyptians and worshiped Gods and violated Jewish Hebrew law. They kept
their identities hidden in secret societies and royal power circles just as
they have done until this day.

The descendents of the Hebrew Pharaohs of Egypt
have ruled throughout history, through the millennia they have left oceans of
blood in their wake, they have murdered, cheated, slaughtered, robbed,
colonized and enslaved to fulfill their biblical covenants to maintain one
throne and one world empire.

Great Britain is a Hebrew covenant. Queen
Elizabeth 11 is a direct descendent from the long line of Hebrew Kings all the
way to King David, consequently all the way to Adam. This is according to the “College
of Heralds” in London.

The United Kingdom’s Coat of Arms depicts the
lion of the tribe of Judah in the pre- eminent right hand position, wearing the
crown, The Unicorn (Bull) of Ephraim of equal stature with the lion. The harp
of David recognizes the Davidic covenant and symbolizes the marriage of the two
lines of Judah in Ireland, through Jeremiah.

The Stone of Destiny is the stone that Jacob used as a pillow and had a
dream in which he saw a stairway to heaven. The Old Testament referred to this
stone as the “Rock”. The stone has rested in Westminster Abbey for 700 years
beneath the coronation chair before it was moved back to Edinburgh Scotland.
This is where the house of Israel relocated and it was the tribe of Ephraim who
were the caretakers of this anointed stone.

Queen Elizabeth is the 122nd lineal descendent of King David who
is of the tribe of Judah.

                                                Written By: Bo Ajala

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