Federal Judge States He Takes His Orders From England


717-567-7675. 5/98: [quoting]

During the trial of James and Sharon Patterson,
(Case 6:97-CR-51) William Wayne Justice, Judge of the United States District
Court Texas-Eastern Division when presented with law stated: “I take my orders
England. This is not a law this court goes by.”

For all of those who did not believe that the United States was under Great
Britain here it is straight from the mouth of a Federal Judge. How much more
evidence ‘do you need?’ America has never been Free. The Revolutionary war was a
fraud perpetrated on the American people. The war’s purpose was to centralize
power and make the people easier to control. All Federal Judges, Congressmen,
U.S. Attorneys, State Judges, Legislators and most Attorneys know this and are
in fact British Agents. Their job is to keep the people in line and to be
productive slaves which they (The British Agents) are greatly compensated for.
The police do not know that they work for Great Britain they too have been
decieved so don’t attack them.

It is time for everyone in America to know the Truth. Let us
all work together in exposing the British Empire. Please re-fax and e-mail this
release to every Attorney, Judge, and Legislator in your area to let them know
they have been unmasked. Please get out your Yellow Pages and start faxing
everyone in your area and also read this release over every radio show possible.
We have printed thousands of evidence packages and mailed them across America
that prove that the United States is a British Colony. It is time to send the
British back to England. We must work together because if, we do not. we are all

Your Friend.

Stephen Kinbol Ames Jr.

For More Information:
Stephen Kinbol Ames, c/o P.O. Box 5373. Harrisburg. Pennsylvania 17110

Phone: 717-567-7675;

(And if one needs any further information, see August
22, 1997issue of Intelligence Review article “Britain’s ‘Invisible’ Empire
Unleashes The Dogs of War”) [End quoting]

Here is very good verification or what Hatonn has been telling
us all along – “from the horse’s mouth”


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